Legal Matters and Beyond: A Rap Journey Through the Law

Yo, let’s talk about legal matters, it’s not just chit chatter
Need a video content license agreement? Here’s a guide, don’t let it make you blue
Got your work permit, yukon Canada is where you will submit
Check the requirements so you don’t get fired, that’s what you desire
Economic law definition, it’s a mystery to some, but not to me
Got the basics down, I’m the law expert in this town
If you’re into conveyancing, you know it’s not advancing
Get your legal executive conveyancing, it’s your best chance, ain’t no need for romancing
Ats full form, what does it mean? It’s a question on your mind, that’s keen
Find out the answer, it’s your ticket to glory, no need to be a history story
Official permission, we all need it for our mission
Get your legal authorization, don’t live in frustration, it’s your liberation
West point, MS, need some legal finesse? Causing you some stress?
Expert legal services, it’s what you deserve, no need to be nervous
How to serve court papers in California? It’s a process, don’t be a failure
Check out the guide, it’s a legal ride, don’t run and hide
Need some laws in Glenwood Springs, CO? You don’t have to play the guessing show
Expert dr laws, they’ll show you the way, don’t delay
Military contractors making bank, it’s the talk of the rank
Find out how much, it’s your hunch, don’t be out of touch

Rodrigo Andrea Rivas